Vikki Seaton – Cognitive Hypnotherapist – Finchley, North London and internationally via Skype & Zoom.

I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with a friendly, relaxed and confidential hypnotherapy practice in the heart of Finchley, North London. I also conduct sessions remotely via Skype & Zoom so am able to conduct sessions with clients all over the world.

I can work with you to help you overcome stress and anxiety over many issues such as habits and addictions, phobias and fears, weight management, levels of confidence, IBS, pain management, depression or maybe you just have a feeling that something isn’t quite right in your life and you would like to change it. There are a multitude of reasons why you are here, reading these words. Whatever your reasons for exploring the world of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I hope you find the answers here.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you unlock your mind in order to resolve any troubling issues and to help you find peace and happiness. The beauty of this approach is that it is totally tailored to the individual. I work within your model of the world, which means that very often we can move forwards to achieve your goals in the shortest space of time you feel comfortable with. There is no issue too big or too small for us to tackle. If you don’t see your particular issue on the site, it doesn’t mean we can’t deal with it. That’s the beauty of Cognitive Hypnotherapy. It is totally tailored to the individual.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you at my practice in Finchley, North London.

left-quoteDear Vikki, I am delighted to be able to say that I am still free of my nicotine addiction after seeing you. I am intrigued as to what happened. You relaxed me and talked to me but at no time did I ever feel you were taking control of my mind or inducing any kind of trance. For the rest of Wednesday I felt that I had some kind of magical protection against any cravings. I seemed to experience immediate improvement in sensory perception in terms of taste and smell. Thank you so much.

Austin – North London

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