What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern therapeutic approach which enables the client and therapist together to change the individual’s problem by tackling it from a number of different angles.

The collection of brief techniques used within our approach have been taken from a wide range of other therapy models such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mindfulness, positive psychology, Gestalt, traditional hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

The idea that every therapy works on someone, but no therapy works on everyone, is central to this utilisation of an eclectic mix of influences, rather than a rigid conformity to one style alone. The Cog Hyp approach is flexible, and will continue to evolve and adapt as science discovers more about the mind and the ways in which we attach meaning to the world.


Are you the right therapist for me?

I am incredibly grateful to the many clients who have found me over the years. Whether they come upon my website by chance, or have been recommended by a friend or colleague, they have experienced change, and part of this change is feeling that they have found the right partner to accompany them on their journey. Finding the right therapist is so important … and it’s easier than you might think. Your therapist needs to be someone who understands you and your issues, someone you feel you could trust and with whom you feel a connection. If you’ve read this far, that’s probably already quite a good indication that you like what I have to say and the feel of my website. So why not give me a call on 07970 005 096 and we can have a chat about how you think I could help you: speaking to me will give you a much better idea. It’s a good idea to speak to a few therapists so you know you’re making the right choice.

I would also stress the importance of the therapeutic environment. I have deliberately chosen a quiet space that is calm, peaceful and friendly, close to transport links and with free parking, to make your journey easier.

You can also be assured of complete discretion and confidentiality at all times, during treatment and after our sessions have finished. This is vital so that you are able to trust me implicitly and talk with complete openness and honesty about everything you are thinking and feeling. Therapeutic change requires client participation – it is not something I do “to” you: rather, it is something we work at together with me as your guide and support, and the level of your participation and willingness to change is of paramount importance to our success.


I don’t know what to expect. What if I am nervous?

This is completely natural and normal. Most people feel nervous when they are about to do something they have never done before. Though you may also feel excited that you are about to make a fundamental change to your life.  My clients are usually surprised at how relaxed they feel by the end of our first session. We will always go at your pace and we won’t do any work until you are happy about going ahead.

I have undergone Cognitive Hypnotherapy many times and regularly use the processes myself, so I know how incredible the experience can be and how relaxed and liberated you can feel during and after a session.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”


What will happen during our first session?

I usually like to spend 90 minutes with a client in the first session. This gives me lots of time to find out all about how you ‘do’ your problem. Everyone views the world in a different way. My version of the world is not the same as yours and I would never expect it to be so. Consequently, your way of doing your problem is never the same as someone else’s. Smokers all smoke in different ways. They took up the habit for different reasons, at different times in their lives. They smoke at different times in the day. I like to talk, ask you questions. Really understand what’s going on.

Some clients notice cathartic change as a result of this first session. Sometimes it’s the first time they have been able to tell their story and talk about their problem, from beginning to end. This can result in profound change and is a springboard for further change.

If there is time, I like to give the client a therapeutic and relaxing trance experience so they can feel what it is like and relax into the process.


What is trance? Is it like falling asleep?

No, you will be conscious at all times. It’s a bit like daydreaming. A hypnotic trance is a safe and natural state that we all go in and out of many times during our day. You must know the feeling of being lost in a book and then coming to and realising where you are, or driving somewhere so automatically that you don’t remember the journey: that’s what being in a trance state is. People experience it differently: some report a heightened sense of awareness and others feel pleasantly relaxed to the extent that they may drift off into their own thoughts from time to time, and that’s ok. Overwhelmingly, though, clients find it a very relaxing experience and this feeling often continues after the session has finished.


Is it like stage hypnosis? Will I lose control?

Stage hypnotists seem to put their subjects in such a deep trance state that they lose control. In reality, they are just very skilled at choosing people who are happy to make a spectacle of themselves. A hypnotherapist has no control over you, and you cannot do anything you don’t want to, during one of our sessions. You will be in control at all times, and in fact – if anything – you will be in a state of more heightened awareness than you are normally.


I have heard that psychotherapists have 50 minute sessions. How long are yours?

Initial consultations are 90 minutes as I need to find out a lot of information in that first session. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.


How many sessions will I need?

This varies according to your issue and how deep-seated it is, and also to the amount of effort you are willing to put into the sessions themselves as well as into the time between our sessions. Because Cognitive Hypnotherapy treats the person rather than the issue, each client will have their own unique treatment plan, so it is difficult to say how long therapy will take.

But as a general guide I’d say that most people notice a significant difference in their behaviour and feelings within four to six sessions. I will always try to keep the therapy as brief as possible, whilst adhering to very high professional standards. My aim is to help you have the life you want in the shortest possible time frame that works for you.


Will you think my problems are not as bad as others?

Your problem has been bothering you enough that you have now decided to seek help for it. So, regardless of how your experiences compare to others, this is a problem for you and my focus is to help you to overcome your problem, not to judge whether you are right to feel as you do.


How much do the sessions cost?

Each session costs £80. This is the same for the initial 90 minute session and subsequent 60 minute sessions. It is also the same fee whether sessions are face to face or conducted via Skype or Zoom. The fee is inclusive of email support between sessions and your own bespoke downloadable recording of hypnotic suggestion to reinforce the work we are doing if I feel it would be appropriate for you.


Do you do packages of sessions?

I may recommend a package of sessions if the presenting problem necessitates it, for example, in the case of addictions where commitment is key. For most other problems, though, we will just book one session at a time until you are happy you have achieved your goal.


What methods of payment do you accept?

All fees are payable on the day of the appointment, either by cash (please bring the exact amount) or by cheque. Unfortunately I can not accept credit cards. If sessions are to be conducted remotely via Skype or Zoom, I prefer to have a bank transfer completed before the session.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes: please give me as much notice as possible of changes or cancellations as I often have a waiting list of people who could take the slot. If you book a session with me and cancel it with less than 24 hours notice the full fee will be charged, except in exceptional circumstances.


When can I have a session with you?

I have daytime sessions available as follows:

– Monday to Thursday – 8am until 2.30pm, Friday – 8am till 1.15pm

Under special circumstances, evening or weekend sessions may be available. However, weekday sessions are easier and quicker to schedule.


How do I book a session?

You can phone 07970 005 096 or email me at enquiries@vikkiseatonhypnotherapy.co.uk or via the contact page. I like to have a chat with potential clients first, to make sure I’m the right therapist for you, so I can answer initial queries by email but we will make our first appointment by phone.