Vikki, I just wanted to tell you that I had the most amazing honeymoon, absolutely loved every second. Flights were fine too. Felt very relaxed. Thank you so much for your help. Wouldn’t have got there without you.



Hypnotherapy with Vikki has helped me to address and overcome some deep rooted fears and phobias which I have had since I was a young child. She used many techniques to address my phobia from different angles and gave me the tools to help myself when not in the sessions. Hypnotherapy has improved my life and I would recommend Vikki to anyone with a phobia.



If you have a few wires loose then let Vikki do some repair. The treatment room is relaxing and in a nice location. You are made to feel welcome and special.



Dear Vikki, I am delighted to be able to say that I am still free of my nicotine addiction after seeing you. I am intrigued as to what happened. You relaxed me and talked to me but at no time did I ever feel you were taking control of my mind or inducing any kind of trance. For the rest of Wednesday I felt that I had some kind of magical protection against any cravings. I seemed to experience immediate improvement in sensory perception in terms of taste and smell. Thank you so much.



As soon as I met Vikki, I felt I could be open and honest with her. This is because she came across as kind, sympathetic and completely non judgemental. She is a brilliant listener. She helped me change my mindset, which made me optimistic about the future. Thank you Vikki.



I had a wonderful holiday. Apart from a little nervousness waiting for the first flight (a bit like waiting to go into an exam), I had no problems at all. Thanks for everything you did which has made a big difference to me. Occasionally I have a little anxiety but I can control this with the various strategies I have, including the EFT, which you introduced me to, and I feel now this is like something from the past which is gradually disappearing.



Lifts / small enclosed spaces – claustrophobia no more thanks to Vikki’s caring, professional and sympathetic manner. After only 4 sessions I started going up and down in a lift. Vikki made it happen.



I thought this was a really positive experience. Vikki was friendly, polite and professional at all times. She took time to understand my issues and provided me with some tips to cope with cravings before we proceeded with the session. I would absolutely recommend Vikki to other people.



I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was good to discuss the problem worrying me, to reflect on possible causes from my past experiences, and to learn techniques to overcome possible worrying and stressful situations in the future. I found the sessions very calm and relaxing and left the sessions feeling more content and confident.



Vikki’s calm voice and manner helped me straight away. She seemed to fully grasp what I was going through and really listened to me. I felt a little better after that very first session and 4 sessions later, I was a different person.



Thank you so much Vikki. I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight and I’m just not obsessing about it so much anymore. I don’t even want to open that cupboard in the kitchen. I’m also moving around more. I feel so much better.