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MY BEDSIDE TABLE – 6th May 2015

My first blog post … ever! Good grief. What on earth do I SAY? How can I have SO MUCH TO SAY and yet not know what on earth to SAY!? I know. I’ll google it. There must be loads of information out there on blogging. Er, yes, there is. LOADS! and loads … and …

But it’s not really advice on blogging I need. It’s more a clever, succinct insight into … me! What I’m like. What I think. HOW I think. Because everyone is different. My view of the world is completely different to your view of the world. But when you walk into my consulting room, as a client, it’s not my view of the world you’re concerned with, is it? It’s yours. Your feelings, your problems, your block, your … self.

So, how to write a blog about me, about me and you, about you? I sit and ponder this, on front of my computer, until I do what I always end up doing. I think about buying a book. I love books. It’s the romantic, poetic, old fashioned soul that languors in me. Trouble is, I get distracted. There are so many beautiful books out there. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect one, a friend mentions another one. Or your favourite radio personality mentions a different one.  Or a gorgeous cover catches your eye as you wander past Waterstones. And Amazon make it just far too easy to click one day and receive it the next. So, before you (I!) know it, one ideal little book about how to write the perfect blog about me and you, becomes 3 or 4 books about … oooh … hypnosis, mindfulness, neuroplasticity for heavens sake. And then I click again and receive a lovely first novel by a cute British girl which I have no hope of reading as it will get swallowed up by my already heaving bedside table. And then, there it is. The title of my first blog post … ever. I look at my bedside table and smile fondly at the shamefully indulgent mess of it. My fondness for knowledge sharing space with the complete disorganisation of the whole thing. Its higgledy higgledy edges – cute and loveable or annoying and messy, depending on what mood you’re in. And I realise that this is me. The shape of it. The look of it. The well-meaningness of it. This is me. And once I’ve opened the book and am immersed in its contents? Well, that is you and me. Reading for knowledge – improving my work and myself.

And what of you? The you that is separate to me? The you, who has a problem that is hampering their quality of life. The you that walks into the consulting room of a professional because you need some help. We are all a work in progress, in need of guidance in a confusing world. I hope you will allow me into your life to help you to improve and progress along the road to becoming the you you want to be.

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